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I purchased 50,000 date site profiles including installation for 1 of my date sites. The did attempt to install the profiles but never finished. They failed to include all the photos as promised and never put in the needed zip codes for the members. The profiles are worthless to us as no one can find the members without zip codes. I wrote them no less that 20 times only to get an excuse every time. After 2 months I have given up with them. I am requesting a refund. Thanks you, The above is what I wrote after I gave up. I then went to the Pay Pal resolution dept to learn that they will not do anything for you if you paid over 45 days prior. Their stall tactics worked in their favor as it was about 46 or 47 days when they stopped answering email. They are pros and know the ins and outs. I hope anyone that wants to do business with this group sees this first. I not only lost 100.00, I lost 1000.00 in time wasted dealing with them. I hope this helps someone.

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