Dave and Tina butler – Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Men


Take a good look at these 2 Dave and Tina butler. They will pretend to be kind and humble, in fact they are complete opposite. Demons walk among us… These two have it out to utterly destroy the lives of their children and step- children, and belittle and harrass the other parents ó their Power trip to control everything and anyone can turn vicious if crossed. He is an abuaive man, and she is a witch. They are master manipulators whom will do anything to get their way as long as they are perceived as victims. Truth is, he has cheated on her, and she isnít even aware. They even have one of their children brainwashed to initiate drama among the family. Oh what a sad song they sing when all has come to light. May karma find this couple for putting so many through hell

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