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I received an email from [email protected] (Morgan Chase) or Frank Cox, whoever it is, asking for me to submit my resume. I submitted my resume and was told by Mr. Morgan Chase that he will send my resume to a casting director- David Cox. 9/9/13 David Cox ([email protected]) viewed my resume and told me about an audition at Pearl Studios in NYC. The director, Dave Cox, gave me the date of 9/13/14 and said that the eligible candidates will be flown over to California for an audition. Congratulations you have been invited to our audition taking place in Pearl Studios NYC500 Eighth Avenue(35th/36th Streets)New York, NY4th floor on 09-13-14.After the audition successful talents will then be invited to Los Angeles, CA where the final shooting will be done. Instruction: Please respond with your contact information where a check will be mailed out to and will be used for all traveling and lodging expenses via a designated travel agent(more information will be provided as we progress). You will also be provided with more information regarding the audition,travel arrangement and compensation. Task & Company profile: This job is an on-going position with K Mart Agency we continue to promote our products through TV commercials/Magazines. Dave Cox. Casting Director. I searched their names and found the report of a victim who was recently scammed by these people: www.scamsurvivors.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=25351 RULE#1: DO NOT SEND MONEY FOR AUDITIONS!!! 9/13/14 No audition at Pearl Studios, but a check in the amount of $2450 via UPS was sent to my home from Kathleen McCaffrey (805) 380-6409 2500 Broadway Ste 400 Santa Barbara CA 90404 I received an email shortly afterwards asking if I received the check. I felt like being an a*****e and said ‘No, I’ll be back on Sunday. 9/16/14 I told these scammers that I received the check. They gave me the following instructions: Step 1 *You should deduct $500 which will be used for personal expenses when traveling for the audition which will hold on 09-20-14. Step 2 *You will send $1750 via Money Gram money transfer to the travelagent’s information below; Name:Elizabeth Gutierrez City:HoustonState:TX Country:USPostal code:77084USA All you need to do is locate a Money Gram outlet and tell them that you wish to send $1750 to the information above using the money inminute service.Please note that Money Gram usually charge between $120-$200 as sending fee.(The $1750 you are sending to the agent should be splitted into two equal halves and sent separately.The reason for this is that in most Money Gram outlet,there is pick up limit. Q1: Why can’t you just send the money to the travel agent? Q2: What about my audition at Pearl Studios Q3: Why am I sending money to TX? I called Pearl Studios to see if a Frank Cox, Morgan Chase, or David Cox rented space there. NO ONE! Although I didn’t cash the check I figured I can have them in the are like they do to most folks, so I told them I cashed it. They keep calling me and emailing me to send them their 1750. Unless some people do not know, If I were to cash this check, it will clear immediately. I withdraw 1750 and send via money order….Maybe a week or two will go by and the bank will realize that the check is FAKE and ask you to repay the amount of the check deposited: $2450. However the 1750 would already be sent to these Scam Artists and I would be in a hole. One of the oldest tricks in the book. Soooooo, in the meantime the check is still here as I figure out how to get these people arrested. Just a quick memo to my fellow actors to be careful. I know there is a lot of talent here, but NEVER give your money out without a good understanding to where it’s going!

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