Dave’s Cool and Heat Middletown New York Review


These two con artists showed up to lease my home. They came with a great story about what a great heating and cooling business they had and their, large wonderful family. They were going to lease my house for 3 years and maintain the premises if I would lower the rent, which I did. Lo and behold, 5 months later they emailed me they had found a place to lease with option and were going to move and live out their security. I told them they couldn’t live out their security, of course. Then they tell me they have mold in the house and cant live there. Upon hearing this I asked to inspect the house. They stalled telling me they had viscous dogs (unknown to me) and I could not enter the house without someone present. Upon entry and inspection I found no mold but extensive damage to the tiles, woodwork, floors, appliances and fixtures. There was garbage and dirty clothes on the floor in every room. They kept cats and animals in one room where they had torn up the carpet. It was like a scene from out of “Pacific Heights””. — I started eviction proceedings the next day. They moved out before the court date but left behind 4 truckloads of junk and tore up my lawn with their trucks. In court I was awarded the last months rent that they never paid plus late fees. They tried their mold story but the judge saw through it. Damages I took to a Small Claims court because they totaled over $5

000. They lied like crazy and produced some unrelated document that the judge fell for. Its obvious they’ve been to court many times. While fixing up all the damage they had done

two process servers appeared at the door to serve them with papers of other people seeking judgements against them. One was a local credit union. I have two judgements against them but I’ll probably never collect anything.”

1279 Ridgebury Rd. New Hampton, New York United States of America

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