David (Dave) Artibani, South Bend, Indiana


This is David (Dave) Artibani. He is on more then one dating sites, like pof and zoosk. He is always a paid account. He is also on Facebook. He works at UPS as a supervisor for the drivers. He lives in South Bend, Indiana and from Connecticut. He dates more then one person at a time. He is a sex addict. Beware, he will tell you everything you want to hear. He loves his Busch beer, and hates wine. You Jason problem, with inviting you over to his new house on a very first date. He sweats a lot and never wears a condom! He is very anal over smell, do don’t wear certain lotions, perfumes of smell Ike around him. Dave makes you feel like he is never the problem and it is all you. Also, if you email Dave on his pof account, be careful on putting your phone number on your email to him because he has two very crazy woman (ex’s) on there monitoring all his emails and they will text about how much of s pig he is! This should be enough for to make decision on your own.

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