David J. Gleason – Damascus, Oregon Men


Cliff spent 8 days hopping k.o.a.s. and cheep motels with my wife. She came home with a very old very used condom inside her that I personally found and removed. He hijacked what was to be her solo epic adventure. 9 days before she met him her father died. Out of 4 children, she was the one. She paid the bills, bought his socks, talked to the Drs,, and took care of the funeral. Much testing and she’s not pregnant or have a s.t.d. thank God. Much therapy for both of us. She said he was a fling she calls him limp spanky. The calls and texts have gone on for months. I know she’s a liar. He’s human garbage. We’re trying to work it out. He’s not to be trusted. Adulterer manipulater evil person.

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