This mommy boy scumbag yes after you catch up with him he hides behind mommy or checks himself into a hospital bed. This scumbag told me he was in the Repo Business and he kind of was I helped him repo the car because I was new at it I had no idea what was going on so the next day he called me and asked me if I wanted to buy the car the bank just wanted 2k for it LOL it was a 2004 convertible BMW 650 I, | being a businessman I should absolutely here’s your money and I took the car next thing you know the banks looking for the car he had no authorization to sell it there was no way I was giving the car out and losing my money to this a**hole so I held it until the bank was going to put him in jail so this piece of s*** got his 70 something-year-old mother to go to the bank and give them $8500 at that point the bank called me and told me to come get the title .

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