David Martin IV Review


An individual in Chicago who calls himself Craig Martin IV uses a Craigslist room share listing to solicit potential renters for a room in an apartment at 2859 S. Union in Chicago. Before any lease is signed or key exchanged, Martin demands that he be wire-transferred via Western Union $250.00 to hold the room. After he receives the money, Martin claims — for reasons that are never clear — that the room is in fact not available. He offers to return the money but does not do so. Instead, whenever demands for a full refund become insistent, he wires “the money” — but sends only $30. In order to recover that partial amount, the recipient has to make a special trip to Western Union, which is generally inconvenient. I sent Martin $250.00 on December 30, 2013. To date, after much dunning, I have received only two separate refunds of $30 each. Martin pretends that he is willing to refund the balance of the money in full, and makes promises to do so, but thereafter simply goes silent. His email address is [witheld]. His cell phone number is 440.263.5924. He claims that his home address is 2859 S Union Ave, Chicago IL 60616.


Name: David Martin IV

Country: United States

State: Illinois

City: Chicago

Address: 2859 S Union Ave

Phone: 440.263.5924


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