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Complaint: It was hard but I had to choose to file bankkrupcy and chose David Wroblewski & Associates 2020 N Central Ave Phoenix, AZ 85004 (602) 553-8888. I saved my money as a single mother and gave this firm over 2500.00 for my bankrupcy since I fell on hardship. financial hardship..I was advised to save of 6 months worth of bank statements and paychecks. The next time I made an appointment they moved to Mesa. I was uncomfortable and asked for my money back but they assured me I could not get it back and were still a good bankruptcy lawyer. I was advised to file after my income taxes are finished. When I went to file the office is closed down. There is no way to get my money back all I could do is file a complaint with the bar of Arizona. Apparently the new firm is a criminal case firm Law Offices of David Raymond Wroblewski 1201 S. Alma School Road Suite 1750 Mesa, Arizona 85210. Seems fitting for this low down crook. All the number’s are disconnected…This lawyer is an evil man.. A plain crook. Beware! Now I have to come up with another $2500.00 for a new Lawyer.. And get a new lawyer if I was to fight this David Wroblewski..Beware J.W. Phoenix, AZ

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Address: 1201 S. Alma School Road Suite 1750Mesa, Arizona 8 Phoenix, Arizona USA

Website: www.arizonalawcenter.com/contact-dui-criminal-lawyer-az.html

Phone: all numbers disconnected

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