Complaint: DAVIS ISLAND MAGAZINE LLC 14923 EVERSHINE STREETTAMPA Florida 33624 United States of America phone: 813-504-0134 DAVIS ISLAND MAGAZINE LLC KELLY WILSON WORTHLESS CHECK WRITER – CON ARTIST – LIAR TAMPA, Florida A THIEF AMONG US. We were sitting in a local restaurant in Tampa , Florida and overheard a conversation with two men who were having lunch at this local restaurant and being somewhat interested in the story, I just kept listening to these two men discussing how they were RIPPED OFF by a women who ran DAVIS ISLAND MAGAZINE in THREE WORTHLESS CHECKS she gave them in order that she got what she wanted in printed material to PUBLISH her own LEAFLETS. It was understood that DAVIS ISLAND MAGAZINE and this KELLY WILSON need this leaflet material so she could distribute her material and charge her clients fees to be in her distribution material. I find that GALLING to say the LEAST that with little or know money in your BANK ACCOUNT you would have the BALLS to rip off a PRINTING COMPANY, so you could get your rag magazine pout there. WE LATER DID ADDITIONAL INVESTIGATING ONLY TO LEARN ALL THREE CHECKS WERE RETURNED NSF FUNDS – DO NOT REDEPOSIT. This is a women who has NO MORALS, NO SENSE OF GUILT, No care of the loses someone else took, because of HER OWN NEEDS to get it done and make money by SCREWING other people without the least bit of concern as to what she did to them. She wanted it done and SCREWED the merchant plain & Simple. To KELLY WILSON, you should not only be ashamed at what you did, but you should be put in JAIL with the other THIEVES, LIARS, CON ARTIST who SCREW people and have NO REGRET doing it, because your morality is that of a SNAKE. Use EXTREME CAUTION dealing with KELLY WILSON and her Company DAVIS ISLAND MAGAZINE LLC. Doing business with her or her company could cost you money. The investigations Team in Tampa Florida has been investigating KELLY WILSON and her barrage of WORTHLESS CHECKS she has put out on a local Company in order to get her publications documents out to the public in the local area. It seems she is publishing a brochure filled with advertisement from Tampa business’s and has the GALL to put out WORTHLESS CHECKS in order she obtain her required literature at other peoples expense. This is DIRT in all its Glory. We investigated the source of the incident and found that she remitted three separate checks to a local Printer in the amounts of $802.50 on July 6, 2012 ; $1,000.00 on July 13th, 2012, and a 3rd check for an additional $ 500.00 on July 27th, 2012. That is GALL and a THIEF no matter how you look at it. We then contacted KELLY WILSON ourselves who blatantly HUNG UP on our investigations team when questioned about the checks. A week went by and we contacted the Printing company she wrote the checks to and were told, that this brazen women had made no restitution to any of the checks. We in fact found e-mails from this KELLY WILSON and DAVIS ISLAND MAGAZINE that go back to July 2012 ( 7 e-mails ) poo-pooing the entire situation requesting she cover her Worthless Checks. Its fallen on DEAF EARS. Kelly Wilson is a THIEF plain and simple who has been sending the other company moronic e-mails to the PRINTING COMPANY like nothing has happened. This is one BRAZEN B#@$& to say the least. It was also determined by our investigations team that she had taken orders from her NEW CLIENTS to publish their ads in the magazine, but she didn’t have the money to send out these ads to the local area public who paid for the ads. Is this GALL OR WHAT ? We also contacted the Printer who stated that KELLY WILSON had the GALL to want to place ” another order “”

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Address: but had made NO ATTEMPT to pay off the THREE PRIOR WORTHLESS CHECKS. This women needs to be in JAIL. It is our understanding a CERTIFIED LETTER was sent to her residency and to the business address by an outside concern and she IGNORED both letters. The outside concern who is now involved with this case is going to the HILLSBOROUGH DISTRICT ATTORNEY with the three Worthless Checks along with the receiver of the WORTHLESS CHECKS to bring CRIMINAL CHARGES against KELLY WILSON & HER COMPANY

Website: Florida”

Phone: as well as bringing a lawsuit with the CIVIL COURT in HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY COURT on TWIGGS STREET in TAMPA and will be suing KELLY WILSON for THREE TIMES THE VALUE OF EACH CHECK ..PLUS… the actual CHECK. They are going to request an ARREST WARRANT on KELLY WILSON in addition to the CIVIL LAWSUIT. This is a THIEF plain and SIMPLE. She has NO CONCERN FOR ANYBODY but her OWN GREED. She has no concern for the PRINTER

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