Dawn Brickey – Greensboro, Maryland Maryland


This wannabe homewrecker decided to move in on a father of 4. She works at Dunkin donuts in Denton Md, and knew he had a wife of 19 years and 4 children. She managed to weasel her way into his life for a short period of time, trying to get him to leave his wife. She took everything he told her, twisted it and made it work to her advantage. She even went as far as to tell him he was the 3rd married man shes been with. After he broke it off, she sent him pics of positive pregnancy tests. When he confronted her she told him that he had nothing to worry about as she had been with another man not long after. When I confronted her she said it was not his then had her trashy sister Jessica Brickey message me and tell me that it was my fault my husband cheated, if I was good at home he wouldn’t have “f##ked her sister”. The trashy blood line runs deep in this family……

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