Dawn Goetz – Owing, Maryland Maryland


Everyone meet Dawn Goetz, Wave hi! This former Lewisburg, West Virginia native moved to Owing, Maryland to try to land a male of the human species since she couldn’t land a horny male dog in Lewisburg, West Virginia area (yeah we are still in disbelief too). This ugly female mutated sea otter has tried messaging multiple men to hook up with them, even tho she’s still got baby daddies that she uses left & right. She tried messaging my husband trying to break up our marriage right after having our daughter. What the female mutated sea otter don’t know it was me messaging her back because he don’t go for mutated sea otters & values marriage unlike her that just shacks up with any species to reproduce. Keep your man close this mutated sea otter is working in Owings, Maryland at Royal Farms daily after taking her bath in the Baltimore, Maryland Harbor to keep her mutation that she thinks is so cute.

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