Dawn Guyot – Detroit, Michigan Michigan


Dawn Guyot seeks out married men. This is a letter Dawn Guyot wrote to a wife of a married man she had an affair with. Hello nut job! This is Dawn using a friends Faceboook, sorry your husband wanted me and not you, sorry he lied to you and told you I made him have an affair, are you stupid!? What did I say get your dick hard or ill hurt your wife. Please! He couldn’t stand you then and he can’t stand you now. If you think for one minute he stopped your even worse than I thought! You can say how ugly I am all you want, but all you could ever say was how beautiful you thought I was so please get something new to talk about. Jimmy wanted to be with me everyday and he was EVERY SINGLE DAY, on your birthday, on your anniversary, ect., he didn’t care because he didn’t care about you! I’m the one that broke it off with him. We weren’t even together when you found out, well I take that back we started talking again because he missed me. I found out so much about what stupid shit you’ve done while you were on the clock at work and trust me I’m going straight to Shelia with all of it. You are so hated at work because everyone knows what a nut job you really are .I believe this will be the write up that will get your ass fired! Thank god Mark isn’t married to your pudgy friend anymore!!!! So go ahead with your pitiful life with your pitiful marriage knowing that your husband loved another woman for years! Yes he loved me! Sorry the truth hurts don’t it. So go pray on it and maybe God with help you see what a truly evil person you are so you can try to change your ways! And while your at it go and hate on your cheating husband instead of blaming me. He stood in front of god and your family and friends and made a commitment to you and then broke it not me. The only reason I even went to dinner with you that first time is because Jimmy called my house and Keith answered and he seen the caller ID and called the number back and Jim told him “oh I was going to see if Dawn could take Tammy out because our dog died” I never wanted anything to do with you he made me! It would take me days to tell you all the things he did and said about you. I actually use to feel sorry for you, sorry because not only what I did but that a husband could not stand his wife like he did you, not anymore! He always told me he couldn’t leave because you would kill yourself and he couldn’t do that to his kids. Wow what a thing to base a marriage on. Oh then he told me with his own words that he was crushing on a girl on his team and he got caught texting with her. Wow it will never end will it. Yep that’s your husband! hahaha please. Now get a life because the one you know will soon be changing big time. Maybe start looking in the want ads. Goodnight Crazy!

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