Daymak, Inc. Review


I purchased an Eagle and have gone about 250kms and am on my second set of batteries headed towards a third. I am a US customer, and have to do all the work myself. at somewhere around 150kms I spend hours extracting batteries. The batteries were bulging and leaking. I think maybe there was a short on one of the connectors that caused this. The batteries were also GLUED IN BIG TIME. It took a crow bar and hours of work. Thank you Daymak, for provide replacement batteries. | now 100kms later, the batteries are acting up again. Daymak has requested I take it apart yet again to inspect the batteries. You have to take pretty much the entire bike apart to get to the batteries, with some delicate plastic pieces involved. This is not a trivial task!!! | When i suggested that buring thru batteries might be a different problem, they wanted me to start to troubleshoot the electronics. | I can’t believe they had an unexperienced person(me) removing TOXIC MELTING BATTERIES. I googled this and I am seeing that breathing in the fumes from these batteries is VERY BAD. | I spent $2300 to get this delivered and i have been able to use it for maybe 3-4 hours and have worked on it for 10s of hours! The company has not responded to my recent emails and does not stand behind this LEMON.


Name: Daymak, Inc.

Country: Canada


City: Toronto, Ontario

Address: 15 Curity Ave.

Phone: 416-658-3993


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