DC Lottery Review


A friend sent me a message on Facebnook telling me I had won a lottery prize. I know the person/Phyllis Damron…I sent messages back and forth to Phyllis asking questions about the truth of this lottery prize. Phyllis said she had won too and got the prize…just fill out the form…send money if they ask…wait for notification…send more money for the winnings to be delivered. Delived by UPS…this would take place after they got all their money. | Phyllis never sent me the message about winning anything…she has not won anything/I sent her a message on Facebook using a new Facebook address….Phyllis got scamed so she had to change her Facebook address, etc. | Brenda keeps sending me messages on facebook asking me what is going on. I can not send her a message on Facebook now…not accepting my Facebook messages. I took her off my friends list on Facebook…yes she asked me to be her friend on Facebook. | I changed my information on Facebook…since I thought Phyllis was real on Facebook I played the game with Brenda…sent her money 2 times. Kenneth Allen Routing # ******7513 Account # ******0982 | I wish I had called Phyllis on the telephone and not be sucked into this site.


Name: DC Lottery

Country: United States

State: District Of Columbia

City: Washington

Address: 2235 Shannon Place, S.E.

Phone: (202) 645-8000

Website: dclottery.com/

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