DC Sales, LLC Review


A sales agent named Aaron Thompson came to my home. He said how he was in a youth program trying to sale books to children in hopsitals. He stood in the doorway for a very long time talking to me filing out paperwork asking questions which I tried not to answer. He said he had a bad knee and walked in my house! i only let him get as far as a step in. Then he started to walk around saying how nice my place was. Sold me some books for charity and hugged me. I looked at the receipt and it said that company was not affiliated with any miltary, local schools, or hospitals. He said it was a tax write offf but then it says on the recept its for profit, so it can’t be filed. In additon to who it was suppose to be sent too, Riley hospital in Indy- he didn’t not fill it out. I asked him for my information back and check. He refused. Called apt complex and reported it to a cop. Asking for a refund within the 3 day limit. Going to file with BBS and file a FTC complaint. I took the guys pic and a pic of his fake id. He prentends to have a bad knee from the army and limbs. He is 5 10 160 pounds hazal eyes blonde hair to shoulders. He tryst to be really friendly. But everything he says a lie. Do not trust anyone knocking on your door.

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