Dean’s Professional Plumbing Wayzata Minnesota Review


I never write reviews but Dean’s should be AVOIDED! When they come to your home they will put their stickers on every appliance you own, then when it breaks, you call them and not the original installer. They then charge you twice the going rate for new equipment. Details: Some time ago my wife had a gas line run to a new gas dryer while I was out of town. She called Dean’s out of the blue. Expensive plus they told us our dryer vent needed replacing (it didn’t), she was quoted $250 extra. She called me and I said no after being charged $700 for the line. Work quality was not the issue. A few years later on a weekend our 7 year old gas water heater boiled over from a bad thermostat. I called the number on the sticker on the water heater. It was Dean’s. I asked if they had a record of our heater and they said no. I thought that was odd but went ahead and scheduled them to come out. They quoted a service fee but were unwilling to give out any prices for repair/replace. I had a good experience with the previous installer, assuming it was Dean’s, and had them come out. The tech, Brad- reminded me of Paul Giammata’s slimy character in Sideways, said it would be $900 to replace the thermostat (or whatever was needed) and that he couldn’t guarantee they had the part and might not be able to do it until Monday. However, he conveniently opened a slick catalog showing a new identical heater that he could have installed in 4-5 hours. $2800 was the quote. Confused, and assuming it was the same contractor as before, I said “gee

seems expensive

is that a competitive price?”” He said it might be a little high and could knock $150 off. I didn’t remember paying that much 7 years ago but felt stuck

had a full house with guests in town and no hot water. The install went fine

again quality not the issue. Out of curiosity a few days later I called several contractors for bids on an identical or equivalent heater and got quotes for $1150 to $1800

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