We bought a puppy from dearlymaltese and like a fool we Western Union his money. He assured us that he would ship the puppy the next day free of charge and he would deliver it right to our home. The next day we got a email from Daily Pet Movers that the could not ship our puppy until we sent the 950.00 dollar western union the cover insurance and once they delivered the puppy we would get 98% back. Thats when I knew something wasnt right. We got a hold of dearly maltese and he said no it wasnt a scan, I asked him why he didnt pay for the insurance and he said he didnt have the money as if I did.After many email back and force he said he was going to the shipping pace and picking up the puppy then he was going to wire us our money, what a lie.Havent heard from him since. When I get on that website it still shows the puppy who,s name was Betty still available for sell and he will not answer any calls or texts from me.The man is a fake . BEWARE OF [email protected] they are scammers. I kept everyone of me emails that we sent back and forth.

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