Deb Jett – Bloomington, Indiana Indiana


(Ex) husband and I have been together 5 years married for 3.5. EVERY April he cheats, not sure why. 2015 was no exception the only difference is I was pregnant. April 24-26 we had a huge party at his grandparents for his neice, mine, and his grandmas bdays and low and behold I find out who his hoe is. He introduces me as his “friend”,that was the moment our pregnancy announcement came out :). She didn’t care tho, she kept pursuing him. Finally when we got home I kicked him out, he moved straight into her house. He has asked me 4 times in the last yr to let him back home and to change my mind for the divorce. All the while he raises her kids while ignoring his own. After abusing drugs and alcohol she lost her kids to the state and recently got them back. || She had the nerve to Facebook me wanting to know if we we’re talking again and had we been seeing each other behind her back. Although I had a few words to say all I said was NO, but if we we’re legally he is still my husband so technically we wouldn’t be cheating!!!! I am no super model but I couldn’t believe he traded me for this!!! Now that I have had time to heal I realized I have never been happier in life!! So thank you both for taking out the trash!! You both are perfect for each other!

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