Deb Michelle C – Westland, Michigan Michigan


This woman was a facebook friend of my man’s. He and I had been friends for a long time and he’d been single for quite a while. When he and I started dating, she had some things to say about it. He deleted her. A few weeks later she contacted him saying she might have cancer and wanted to add him back to keep him updated. He added her back, because he can’t stand to be lied to and wanted to see that she was lying. He deleted her again the same day. She messaged him on facebook until he blocked her and then she started calling all the time, only to hang up when he answered. He’d deleted her contact info so he didn’t even know it was her at first. When he found out it was, he blocked her phone number and I messaged her telling her to go away. She waited a month to respond, being petty and ignorant, as I expected. My man took my phone to deal with her and told her it was him. She insisted he wouldn’t talk to her like that. He tried to call her to prove it, she refused the call. So he sent her a video telling her to f$ck off, and she STILL wouldn’t accept it. The next day, he unblocked her number and told her from his own phone. Then she had her roommate call him while he was at work! It was absolutely insane. I can only rationalize that she has some kind of weird obsession with him, since they’ve never even met in person, just text from time to time and were facebook friends! It takes a special kind of crazy to behave like she has with a man that was never hers and she’d never even met. I hope men check this site, it’s rare for me to ever speak ill of anyone but this person is a special kind of scary.

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