Debbie Ann Gowin Griffin – Newport News, Virginia Virginia


You look at this 50 some odd old year women and you would think she was polite, right? Think again. Last month I caught her and my soon to be ex in bed together. As if catching her on top of my husband and in My bed wasn’t enough The trash that came out of her mouth was audacious and nothing more than trailer talk. After much research I found she is the assistant manager at the Dillard’s located in Newport News, VA AND is married. || If only I had known sooner I would have contacted her husband and warned him of her infidelity and the Dillard’s corporate offices to see what type of person they have representing their company. If her husband happens to stumble across this, I have Proof if you need to see. I suspected my husbands infidelity for months and left the office early camera in hand. Don’t trust this women and don’t let here near you, she may look older and “wiser”, but she’s nothing more than white trash. You may have your co-workers, friends and family fooled, but certainly not me.

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