Deborah Leigh Cherry Tulsa, Oklahoma Oklahoma


My fiancÚ and I have been together two years and have a 9 month old son. He has a pill addiction issue that we are working on. || He met this….. Female… At the same time I did. Memorial Day weekend.. Through a mutual friend of his. She befriended ME. Hung out with me the whole night. We became fb friends and exchanged numbers. || Well following that weekend he was fighting sleep and on pills and I caught them messaging. So I texted her. She ASSURED me she would never be involved with a married man or a taken one and I had every right to question it. || Well he is in the military and left for training for three weeks on”may 29th”… Bullshit. He calls me last week and just up and says I cheated o you. I knew it was her. He tells me it was the Thursday before he left then he came home to me and used some excuse of a soldier needing his help… Then Friday rather than spending time with his family he stayed with her and told me they left to training early. || I called and confronted her and she sounded no remorse. I’m supposed to buy my wedding dress this week…. || She is a bartender at (removed) ladies so FYI… Don’t let your men go unattended.

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