Debra Walker – Sumter, South Carolina South Carolina


I first encountered Debra walker when I found out she was texting my boyfriend. I found out they were exes and asked nicely for them both to stop… well this little HOMEWRECK3ER doesn’t listen too well cause while my boyfriend was sick with the flu, I caught her texting his phone to “check on him” cause she had a bad dream about him. I yet again answered her text on his phone and asked her to stop. She promised she would and I thought that was the end of it… I was wrong. While I was 8months pregnant I found messages in his phone that he left open on the bed of her sending him love memes and telling him she would come clean “MY” house for him. I confronted her about it and she pretended to me and everyone else that tried to contact her that we had the wrong number. After calling her a [email protected]#e to her face… she did finally come forward but when she did she had no valid explanation for why she wouldn’t leave him alone… she was warned three times!!! She lives in Sumter but is from New Zion. If you live in either area I would keep you white boyfriend far far far away from this nasty person!!! She claims to be this huge Christian all over her Facebook but in real life she’s nothing but a HOMEWRECKER.

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