Decker…what a joke. My wife and myself went to work as team drivers, with the promise of 18000-24000+ miles per month. It never happened. After a year of driving, we never made even the 18000 miles per month. We were dispatched as a solo, or used to rescue loads in trouble, that needed a team to drive the last few miles to make it on time. We met and spoke with several people in the company trying to get the miles. Thy promised the universe, and delivered nothing. It was actually costing us money to drive for them. And the one month we did make some close to decent miles, (a little over 17000) they took the first load dispatched that month (March) and credited it to February. So no milage bonus. The first truck we were given, was not capable of making over 6.2 miles per gallon. So, no fuel bonus. That truck also broke down every month. We sat in Tennesee for a week. No miles, no pay. Their maintenance crew, could NEVER fix the truck properly. Five minutes, five miles, five days…whatever, the problem returned. Air conditioning never worked properly. At 90 degrees outside, it was better to turn it off and roll down the windows. When we gave our notice, they quit paying us. No pay until the truck was back in their possession. They refused to pay vacation, because “its company policy.” They witheld $25.00 per card for gate access card, ID card and Com-Data card. They were all returned, but somehow they only showed one. We did earn a milage bonus our last month, but because we aren’t employed after returning their equipment, no bonus. “it’s company policy”. So it starts with Jesse in Recruiting. She’ll sell you a bill of goods. Don’t beleive her. Then there’s the Missoula team. Alan Henderson, or dispatcher. Comes off as meek and mild and friendly. He has’nt a clue. He’ll defend the fort to the last man tho. Everybody there is great in his eyes. It’s the driver that doesn’t understand. I understand only 3000 miles per week. It should be double. Jason, the driver services manager. Worthless. You tell him a problem, he know’s nothing. He does nothing, and he won’t call you back. Jerod, the Missoula yard manager. Worthless. I’m not sure why he has a phone. He never answeres, and he’ll never return a call. He just doesn’t care, or want to be bothered. DO NOT GO TO WORK FOR THIS COMPANY. YOU’LL GET SCREWED. .

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