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Complaint: Be aware of this individual she goes by Deirdre Morrow and Dominique Simone. She is an Ex-Porn actress who is unemployed and presents herself as a Producer/Internet Company Owner/Talent Manager which none of this is true. She is almost 50 years old now and wears a different wig every day to cover up her balding head. She dresses like she’s a 20 year old in clothes that make her look like a anime character/cartoon character. She is extremely provocative and tries to lure men into her life by publicly posting semi-nude pictures of herself on Facebook and Instagram. She targets mostly older men with money, White men and Latin men. We found out she has no business, she’s unemployed, has 4 different kids she had with 4 different men, never had primary custody of her children due to drug use, being unemployed and is currently using several men to pay her bills for years now. She was stalking my online Public Social Media profiles Instagram being the prime site to see where I was at in my life today. I met this individual 28 years ago when we both were 20-21 years old, we never lived together, never did business together. Then we both moved on with our lives. Fast forward to 2018, I opened up a dialogue and communication with Deirdre Morrow talking about inviting her on my Podcast to talk about her life away from being an ex-porn actress to help her get some current exposure going for herself. There was a problem though because Miss Morrow could not keep the situation professional. Bottom line she is looking to get married or possibly pregnant again. This is when she made all kinds of promises and when I told her I am no longer interested in her is when she became extremely vindictive, malicious and threatening towards me. What I recently found out is she is a habitual drug user taking Xanax, Heroin and other recreational drugs. So this explained why she was always up and down emotionally when trying to communicate with her. She kept asking me questions about my work, businesses and private life, how I was doing financially which seemed to be her major focus and concern. The fact is Deirdre Morrow A.K.A. Dominique Simone has been unemployed for over 10 years now. She claims to be a Nurse and I found out she has no nursing certification, never has been a nurse. So if she is not a nurse, doesn’t have an Internet business, is not currently producing any projects, does not have any Talent making her any money? You guessed right, she is an Escort so don’t fall for her stories about being a Producer, Internet Company Owner, Talent Manager, etc. Basically she is using men to pay her bills even though she hates men and I’ve been told is a bisexual who favors being with women more than men. For all you men out in the World reading this and for women as well be aware getting yourself involved with this individual because if she does not get her way she will turn on you in a heart beat. A two faced, backstabbing, bipolar, passive/aggressive narcissistic personality disorder individual who is taking Xanax, Heroin and other drugs today. I would never consider doing any business with this individual ever, never did, never will.

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Address: woodland hills, california United States



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