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Complaint: I drove all the way from Georgia to purchase a car from this dealership and the first week that I had it, the airbag light went on and an alarm sounded, every time I drove it. SO I drove it back to Florida 600 miles just to be told “We can’t duplicate the problem”” Well

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Address: back to Georgia where it happened the whole way back

Website: so I told them I’d have it fixed somewhere else. I was having problems with my transmission slipping and they could not duplicate it. A couple of weeks later

Phone: took it to a dealer there and was told that I should have not been driving the car this way and they should have seen the problem immediatley. Since then I have moved to Florida and have had nothing but problems. I think that the service department is causing them so they can have plenty of work to do. I had it in for a vibration and was told the popular- can’t duplicate the problem. But when the recall came down they somehow found the problem. Very soon after

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