Delta Construction Co Review


Do not get suckered in by the smooth talking old man Virgil. He straight up lied to us several times during the process of us putting in an offer on a house that Delta was building. | 1. Virgil said there were multiple offers on the house and that they were going to take the highest and best offer the next day. We then raised our offer $10,000 and Virgil then countered us with the original asking price and gave us a few days to get back to him. Wait, I thought he was doing the highest and best offer though? Which means he looks at all the offers on the table and picks the highest and best one. There were never any other offers. Virgil just pulled the highest and best card to get us to raise our offer. | 2. We ended up begrudgingly accepting his counter of the asking price. $12,000 higher than our original offer. We then go to sign papers to finalize things and thank goodness our realtor was with. While Virgil was flipping through papers telling us to sign our realtor caught something on one of the addendums. Virgil was asking us to pay $4000 interest on HIS construction loan on the house. This house was already over half done and had been being built for three years. Our realtor said he’s never had a builder try and pass that cost onto the buyer. The worst part about was that Virgil was never going to tell us about it, just sign here, sign here, sign here. | 3. We then countered back and asked for Virgil to take out the $4,000 interest on HIS loan. He called us back the next day and said he doesn’t want to work with us anymore. We caught on to how he does business and we were told to take a hike. | Just get ready to be lied to about pricing throughout the entire process. Makes me ask if he’s willing to lie about that stuff, what other shortcuts do they take building houses. Virgil has been in the business for a long time and is a smooth talker. Thank goodness we were able to get out without spending a penny. I’m sure he’ll get someone to buy the house and fall for his tricks but glad it won’t be us.


Name: Delta Construction Co

Country: United States

State: Wisconsin

City: Hudson

Address: 206 2nd St

Phone: 715-381-1166


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