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I am an individual policy owner who is disabled and elderly. In the Chattanooga, TN area the only dental insurance accepted is Delta Dental, which I have had for years, both as a teacher and retired. The insurance is not very good as it has a limit of $1000 per year and only pays claims at 50% for any one claim. Further, I live in Tennessee, why is my insurance written out of the state of Michigan? This makes it not only confusing but difficult to know who to reach when a problem arrises, which it always does. I agree with other Delta members who have reported on this website. They regulary deny claims for what you think should be covered. Again, not very good insurance, I would switch carriers but I have no other choices for reasons stated above. In my online research of this company, one would think this is a great company to do business with. That was, until I found Delta hires an outside consulting firm to keep their web profile positive. I am sure this outside company also keeps everyone from reading the complaint posted to the Better Business Bureau. Delta has had complaint posted but consumers can NOT read the complaint posted. Apparently the company can resrict access to these complaint. This is the first time I have ever not been able to read consumer complaint on the BBB website. Very unusual… Lastly, the operators who man the call center for Delta are useless. All they can do is look at a computer screen and parrot a narrative which never resolves the poblem at hand. Further, I believe these operators are trained NOT to allow consumers to reach a supervisor. Just yesterday, while standing at the dentist office, I asked to speak with a supervisor and was rudely denied 3 times. Unacceptable. The issue at hand is computer screwups between the website/operators and the Deltal Dental computers/operators. tells me I am signed up with Deltal for coverage starting 1/1/15. Deltal opeartors say no, their computers show me canceled, even thought I talked to them on Dec 12, Dec 22 and Jan 2, and explicitly told them NOT to drop the coverage. At which time I was told, I could not make that decision untill it went through the program. Ridiculous! Further, I requested a bill to pay to make sure coverage woud be enacted as soon as possible (requesed on 1/2/15). Before I recieved or could pay the premium, they told my dentist they would not process any claim. This, after talking to a supervisor on 1/2/15 who said everything would go through properly, not to worry! .

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