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The company agreed to hire goods for my wedding event, they provide invoice and I’ve paid in full the sum of 1,135.84 more than one month before event (12/06/2012). nThe troubles started on the day of the shipping catering goods (20/07/2012), Ms Bebe from DeluxeHire called me 1 hour before the shipping time saying that I have to pay extra 60 for the chair covers, eventhough that was included in the previous invoice. She said that we need to pay since she can’t provide white pads since all are dirty and not ready for dispatch?! I finished conversation with stating that i’m not going to pay for additional covers since she have to provide what we’ve ordered. nFinally chairs arrived with other equipment. The event was on 22/07/2012 and collection was set for Monday morning at 10am. All of the goods where counted individually and pack in their boxes. All items where stored in secure place and where waiting for delivery man. nOn Wednesday 25/07/2012 (by the way my birthday), I’ve received a call from the delivery guy saying that he did collection and now is expecting additional 60 for the cost of the hired goods pickup. We started to argue since it was unclear for my why is he demandig money and trying to mingle Ms Bebe in to this, since I did not order a courier via DeluxeHire. Finally I’ve paid him 50 for a trouble. nThis is not end of the story, I sent few emails to DeluxeHire regarding paying back my deposit. Never heard from them in writting. After 46 days of the goods collection by courier I’ve called Ms Bebe with questions where is my 220 from the deposit. She said that a few cutlerys where missing and one silver tablecloth, I’ve dissagree with her since I counted all of the items and pack them accordingly. I have asked for her estimation and she told me that she is charging me around 205 for the lost goods. Again I dissagreed saying that she is wrong. I said that I’ll go to police and other Fraud Authority, she replied that I can even call FBI. She mentionned that she will not give me even remaining balance of 14.00 from the deposit.

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