Dena Baham Cambridge, Minnesota Minnesota


My husband had been acting goofy for a while. Our Son died on July 26th, 2012. I thought maybe it was grief. Then one night he went out with his sister and left his Facebook open. I decided to look at his message from her. After all she was supposed to be my friend too. || She was asking to hook up with him. As the time went on he started staying out all weekend and then on motherís day on the way to the cemetery to mourn my son I saw he was at Dena’s auntís house. I flipped out started calling her a whore and him a jerk. So he decided after 24 years together to tell me on that day he wanted nothing to do with me. || Now they live together and he won’t even get together with me to go over divorce papers. She’s just in it for his d**k and money until her man gets out of prison in January 2014!! She’s running his life he can’t even got see his Mother cause she doesn’t like the whore either!

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