Denise Clarke Review


Ordered a specific rarity of card that cost 20$ a piece as indicated in the lower left of the card, what came in the mail today as of 4:55 5/1/2019 was a measily knockoff and a downgrade of a rarity from the latest set release as of 4/26/2019. I placed an order for a 19$ exact “GR” (the indicated rarity) for a specific “Winning Champ Victor” I needed. | What came in the mail an hour ago today was a “RRR” (A reprinted downgrade) , The worse part was I tried contacting said seller and I was promted that they were out of stock even though the amazon listing on 4/27/2019 said they had 4 left in stock at the time, come to only find out they never had any to begin with. | I would’ve been absolutley fine had they given me the 2 copies I wanted and orederd but they were only able to supply 1 in total.


Name: Denise Clarke

Country: United States

State: Ohio

City: Delaware

Address: 1187 Rivercrest Dr N

Phone: (740) 815-3500


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