Denise Echard – Parkersburg, West Virginia West Virginia


I wasted 5 years of my life with her and after the 3rd time I caught her cheating and this time it was with a good friend, I said enough. She will do just about anything for meth and money. She’s a “manager” at golden corral in Parkersburg and I’m sure she’s banged a few guys from there too. I caught her hiding in a truck Jason Miller’s house ( who sells meth and hes a snitch)and when I tried to go out to confront her the guy she was with took off speeding down the road and refused to stop. I told her to take a drug test to prove it and she absolutely refused to. If you’ve ever seen her teeth u can tell she’s a methhead. I’ve found empty corner bags with meth residue in the bathroom that her kids use! She only cares about speeding and getting money and she don’t care who she hurts to get it. Denise Echard you are pathetic and need help bf you get your kids taken away!!

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