Denise Veilleux Oregon / Washington Oregon


It started through a chat site. Less than 2 weeks after this slut started messaging my husband, she slept with him. He would drive up to see her after taking me to work. || She had sex with him multiple times unprotected, and she knew about me. She would ask him for rides, and even hid him from her kids. I came across their messages, and when I confronted him, he broke down crying and telling me he was sorry. She, when confronted, told me that it was not her issue and that I should take it up with him. || She did not know my husband, yet let him in the house with her kids. He could have been a rapist for all she knew! I am not going to say my husbands name, because we are attending marriage counseling. This female is absolutely despicable. When I told her I was not mad at her but I had questions, the least she could have done would be to answer them.

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