Dennis Carrig – Delran, New Jersey New Jersey


This top notch guy Dennis Carrig, sleeps with married women, found out this guy was sleeping with my wife for 6 months. He belongs to a swinger site and finds people on Craigslist. He made my wife think that he had feelings for her then dumped her for the next best thing, he is a narssasit and control freak. I found out she almost lost her job because of him, all because he wanted to control her and she couldn’t live up to his standards. We are no longer together and I’m sure it had something to do with him, watch out for this douche bag. He tells people he 38 when he is really 47, and I found out that whole he was banging my wife he was banging someone else as well and my wife had no idea. He has no empathy for anyone but himself, watch your wives around this guy.

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