Dennis T Hurley east greenbush New York


Complaint: Dennis T Hurely is still out there scamming the good folks of the capital region in and around Albany NY. He has numerous judgements against him in the Albany county small claims court. He does not pay any of the judgement holders though. He ignores them and continues to scam unwary homeowners. He is on full SSDI disability and receives monthly checks from the government because he supposedly cannot work due to a disability. He has not filed a 1040 tax form in decades. Yet, he’s advertising his carpentry business and working for years without consequence. Here is his most recent business ad. This is his facebook business page.!/pages/JDT-Hurley-Assoc/159966370774274 He currently has 3 phone numbers 518-630-3376 518-301-6995 518-708-8911 (fax) His email it [email protected] His physical address is in Albany but he does not publish it for obvious reasons. He only uses a PO BOX in the westgate plaza of Albany… 911 Central Ave 228, Albany, NY 12206 If any SSDI employees or law enforcement are reading… this man needs to be stopped. He is a criminal who belongs in jail. He is somehow allowed to continually defraud the SSDI & the IRS government and homeowners without consequence. Please reseach this criminal ASAP.

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 911 Central Ave 228 Internet United States of America


Phone: 518-301-6995 , 518 630-33

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