Dentist You Can Go Through


The Grove family Dentist located in Clayton is the worst dentist you can go through. The reviews they have is too good to show what they actually are. I guess they bought those reviews as no one can think of giving them such good reviews after getting such experience. As I had a pain in my tooth I called the clinic to get an appointment fixed as there clinic was close to my house, my call was not answered for half an hour and after receiving the call the receptionist was involved in some other work and didn’t pay attention for what I said. After getting a confirmation for my appointment I went to the clinic on time the next day. I waited there until my turn would come but it didn’t come as my appointment was fixed on the wrong day which was on Wednesday the next week. When I went to the receptionist to talk about this she denied it all and said I asked her to fix the appointment on that day. After asking and requesting the doctor I got an appointment on that day about an hour later. When I went inside for my checkup it got me to surprise as the doctor tried to flirt with me and was not at all focused on his work. He kept clicking pictures of my teeth from different angles rather than seeing what actually the problem was. He took extra time than usual, a dentist takes for examining what the problem was. Later on, after researching I got to know that they even charged me more for the urgent appointment which was not my fault. The place is a scam. You will be played by making wrong appointments and will be asked to pay more. Don’t visit this clinic until you want to waste your money or time.

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