Denver Hospice/Social Services Review


Hospice And What They Will Not Tell You NOW THE MURDER OF OUR ELDERLY HORRORS OF HORRORS What Hospice and sometimes your OWN relatives, will not tell you, when signing your love one into Hospice. My mom, her death was hastened while in the care. All for what free stuff???Playing God? Unfortunately, animals have much louder Advocates for inhumane treatment against them (although they’re not human). Why is the abuse of animals a much more sensitive issue in America, and more important then inhuman, treatment of real human beings. Specifically the Terminal, the Sick and the Elderly? These groups of people are targeted and funneled into Hospice (the silent killer) the elderly given large amounts of Morphine to family members to start the process supplied by Hospice anti-psychotic drugs along with Ativan to stop there ability to communicate and doused with large amounts of morphine to place them in a medically induced coma many times against the patients will leading to a horrible agonizing death by dehydration clearly murder. Denied a natural death only to be subjected to the horrors of horror death they die feeling betrayed and very depressed and angry. So sad. So very sad. The public has a right to know the truth about the (silent) practices used by the Hospice Organizations working in and through, our Hospitals, and Nursing Homes working in conjunction with Medicare/social services looks the other way and committing Medicare fraud by listing the cause of death as natural when it fact it was drug over-dose in many cases. Medicare’s sole agenda is to cut cost by any means necessary. Medicare’s idea of cutting cost is referring your love ones (the elderly, the terminal, and sick) to Hospice. Where the patient supply of medication is cut off. All except the morphine/methadone used to administer a quiet, rapid exit into eternity (someone is saving on their water bill as well because they are dehydrating their patients and not turning to the I.V drip). In order to hasten death , hasten the murder of the patient often after being left un-able to fend for themselves they are dehydrated to death. while family members wait to have the burden done away with!

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