Derek Noonis – Boston, Massachusetts Massachusetts


This man may truely be a sociopath. Dated him twice over 18 months. First time things ended was because he lied to me about his drug addiction and only came clean when I caught him TWICE! The first fight we had, he fled the house. I have him another chance a few month later thinking things would be different. I was right for about three months, and then he reverted to his old patterns. He constantly got drunk and trashed my house. I supported both of us despite him working as a manager in a tech company and I am still in college. Never knew what type of mood he was in. Never wanted to do anything, unless it involved his friends and not me. The icing on the cake was when he didn’t have the guts to break up with me, he packed all his things in the middle of the night and left me a note saying he had fallen out of love with me. Dating him was a complete waste of time. Wish there was a way for his company to know what a lying loser he is.

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