Derrion Glover – Dayton, Ohio Men


Derrion Glover pursued a friend of mines wife Kim Gholson. They work together at Caresource. Her husband is a good guy, family man. He has stuck by her even tho his friends and family don’t believe he should. Because of this their relationship is pretty much over. He has also recently ruined another marriage. This guy has no remorse. Tells his friends he loves the challenge. Even stalked Kim afterwards when she tried claimed to be trying to fix her marriage. Her husband tells me all trust is gone. I like Kim but I had to speak my piece. I don’t condone these actions, especially when I know who your husband is, what he stands for and what he does and has done for you and your children. I won’t post your pic Kim but I will post his. Fix your marriage before it’s too late.

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