Design House Temple New Hampshire


Complaint: Stay away from this guy and this company! We are granite countertop contractors who have been in the business 10 years with a reputation for quality, and were hired by Design House (kitchen contractor) to do 7 homes that were already built and waiting to be finished. The homes were done in record time and were done to the owners’ satisfaction. Design House was paid by the owners. We have received only a deposit. The job was completed in early May and it is now August. Jim San Giovanni told us it was the first of 140 homes and requested appropriate pricing. We were awarded the job and he requested that we do them all as soon as possible. We jumped through hoops to do so. Turns out the job is only 7 units. He has lied about sending checks. He claimed he made the deal with someone else – even though we did all the work, were the people who quoted him (in writing), were the people making all the schedule appts., and were the people he called when he had a question or issue. Then once he was paid and the owners’ happy, he became totally unresponsive. I have spoken to 2 other business owners and a landlord in Orleans, MA and he has a reputation for being a VERY shady character.

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Address: 162 Rt 6A Orleans, Massachusetts United States of America


Phone: (508) 240-2377

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