Design Savers Plan SANFORD Maine Review


Beware of auto-billing for even if convient can turn around and bite you in the butt. I signed up for this Insurance because I am haveing a surgery and am now on trantional Medicare and anyways it turns out I still get to keep my Medicare no longer needing this Insurance. So I send a cancellation email and finally reciver a email saying “we are in reciept of your cancellation””. Okay so you think your all set..wrongggg. They took $475 out of my account leaving me to pay overdraft charges of over $100 because I have auto payments and I emailed back and forth and phone called them and they respounded and I was have back and forth emails with a “”Mitzi”” but the emails and the phone calls stopped and today I get all the paperwork and I am so sick and tired of that company for they sent me “”please call this number for immediate credit to your account”” 1-800-580-8345 Ex:772 and I get a friggin answering machine!! I’m so mad I could spit nails for I have to buy school clothes for my daughter and paying $102 dollars in overdrafts charges when it was thier fualts for takeing the money out to begine with. I hope they go out of business and all thier crappy people lose thier jobs. This is report number 2 for with the paperwork I got thier address now. Number does’nt do a bit of good.nSheryl nSherylnSANFORD


2851 S. Parker Road Aurora, Colorado U.S.A.


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