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This company is a complete fraud. I specifically ordered an item with a specific model # and picture and they sent me a completely different model #. It took them one week to get back to my response to me emailing them at least 5 times. They then said that I had to pay for return shipping for their error. The sales manager David S (which is a fake name, but supposably the sales manager) wouldn’t accept responsibility even though my receipt had one model # and they sent me another. The very next day after speaking with David through email, I received a negative Yelp review on my company from the same city where this company is located. This company is completely defaming my company even though I was a consumer of theirs. This company is completely fraudulent and ridiculous. I would stay far away from these guys. They have ZERO morals and ethics. For them to go out of their way to try and defame my company because they were in the wrong is ridiculous.

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