Desiree Ryan – Layton, Utah Utah


Desiree Ryan from Layton Utah is the epitome of a homewrecking sleaze. She’s tried to get with multiple married men, KNOWING they were taken, and then pretended to be friends with their wives. I cannot believe I EVER called her my friend. As I’m writing this, she’s over at my ex boyfriend’s house trying to get with him, knowing he is my ex and how badly things ended with him. She had a boyfriend she only used for his money, and is waiting to break up with him after he paid for her tattoo. She cheated on him with a guy she told her boyfriend was like a brother to her. I have the video she accidentally sent to me. which I’m going to post as soon as I’m done writing this. Every guy that I’ve potentially liked, she has tried to wedge her way in between us and tried to get with him. She thinks its because she has a nice ass but under her leggings it reaally looks like cottage cheese or chewed bubble gum. She’s Manipulative, vindictive and just a horrible person. I don’t know a single person who has ever said they liked her. She uses people for their money and guilt trips them into buying her things and then continually treats people like shit.

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