Dessy Polanco – Nashville, Tennessee Tennessee


This is dessy. She dated my current boyfriend for a few months, was emotionally and physically abusive, acted like the victim, and tried to ruin his relationship with his family. She cheated on him at least 37 times within their relationship; and liked to brag about it to his face (of which I was a witness many times) now she and I are not friends because she threw a fit over me winning his heart fairly and honestly (they broke up months before, and it had happened naturally, with no plan On my part to take him) her plan was to keep him on a leash, but he refused. Now she lives with the man she cheated on him with; and continues to cheat. She has continuously tried to get my boyfriend to come back to her; but as you can see she does not have anything going for her. She won’t go to college, complains about work, and expects her man to provide instead of lifting a finger to help herself. Even a few days ago, she messaged to try and get him to sleep with her. Feel free to look her up on facebook. And her instagram is xxbreathingpixiedustxx if you would like to ruin her life; go right ahead. She treats others like shit and then plays victim. We’re all sick of it.

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