Destiny Cruz – Amsterdam, New York New York


So this girl Destiny Cruz sent my boyfriend a message on Facebook about five or six months ago, he told her he had a girlfriend and she went on to telling him he just wanted to be friends and she’s not like that. So I told him I don’t mind him talking to her. Their conversations seemed innocent enough for a little bit. She added and befriended me. Tried making plans with us a few times. I started to feel iffy about her when I asked her if she wanted to hang out a couple times and her response was “I don’t know, will your man be there.” I ended up never hanging out with her. One day she sent a message to my boyfriend asking him if he could give her his honest opinion about something. Then send a picture of her ass to him and asked him if she should get a tattoo on her ass. He told her not to send him stuff like that and she said okay and said she wouldn’t. So I didn’t say anything to her about it. Not too much time went by before she started messaging him one night when he was drunk and got real flirty with him, and him being the natural flirt he is, especially when he’s drunk, was slightly flirty back. He didn’t ask, but she sent him more pictures that night. He ignored the message that she sent the pictures in. The next time he was drinking, he got pretty drunk and he went into the bathroom and video chatted him. I, of course had no idea what was going on. The next morning he seemed confused as to why all of his messages with her were gone. Turns out it was because he deleted them after they video chatted while she played with herself to help him get off. The pictures and video chatting while he was drinking became a normal thing. I confronted her finally and she said she was sorry and would stop. Because I’m an overly forgiving person I gave her another chance. Then only a few, of course, my boyfriend started drinking. But he didn’t seem to have any interest in messaging her. Then I woke up in the middle of the night and he was gone. Got up the next morning and he didn’t remember anything at all. But from reading the messages we figured out that she picked him up. I can’t count the amount of times that happened. & After she was informed that we’re having a baby, I would have thought she would back off. But she doesn’t care. She moved to Amsterdam a couple years ago after pushing everyone that cared about her by sleeping with their husband’s or boyfriends. She got kicked out of her yoga glass for screwing her instructor. She’s been with over 30 guys, she can’t even count the exact amount. She sells her body to anyone just so she can get her drugs. & She prides herself in what a whore she is. If this tramp trys to befriend your boyfriend/husband, don’t fall for her innocent act. It’s 100% fake.

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