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Complaint: Words to describe this experience with him would not be enough. The job that was supposed to be extremely simple, get done and paying the contractor turned out to be real pain in the ___. We had taken him for some odd jobs like removing old wood panels, plastering and installing Sheetrock, bathroom etc. At first at the time of bagging the contract he was full of air promising the earth and the moon and had conveniently removed all that from the contract. When pointed out he convinced us with his sweet talks and we trusted him and first installment was paid. He disappears for 2 weeks after that, he returns and does 2 extremely small jobs that were supposed to be done last and starts asking second installment. this was the stage when about about 10% work is done and he would have received 66% of the payment. Still that was done on good faith. he then disappears on the pretext of vacation. he returns back broke probably as he would have taken some other projects on his vacation pretext and finished the money on other projects or paying the labor. He starts to complain regarding the fact that he is broke to exhort more money. he starts to delay the work purposefully to exhort more money. We still were quite patient. He then starts to make compromises in the material and workmanship?. this is where we raised our concerns and after lot of debating he would pay any attention to those facts:. He started to use cheaper materials since at this point he was more interested in getting out of the job without any expense.. He started to ask money for core jobs for which we had a clear expectation from start and that was the basis he was given the contract?. He has at last quit the job and left it incomplete,. Lot of items on the job are incomplete and some of them not even started and he had the audacity to ask for good faith payment, which was ofcourse denied considering his dubious and rude nature!. The whole experience has given us lot of mental stress and I would not advice anyone to go through this ever again,. This contractor is definatly to be avoided and not work the mental trauma. I would advice to shop around and take about 10 -15 quotes and write down each and every little details in the contract along with the exact materials, cost or maybe a picture/. There is nothing like a standard contract and I would not like any new home owner to make the same mistakes that we did while choosing our contractor. the most important fact would be to check all previous complaints and reviews on the internet quite seriously. The best ways would be to check the company name on Google search and you would easily find true consumer experiences like this one, which we obviously did not take seriously. No home owner would ever have a reason to complain unless there are enough sparks given by the contractor. So advice everyone to take these reviews quite seriously and not make the same mistake as we did being first time home owners

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