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I have requested Devcon to cancel my account because I was being charged for a service that I was not receving. I called the cancellation Dept. When the dept let me know I would be charged a acceleratd fee if I canceled. I sent this email: Please cancel my account. I spoke to Michael in the cancellations department. I told him Im not being serviced in my new location. He says if he has to cancel than he has to accelerate the amount owed per the contract. Your contract is null and void with me because you are unable to service my location. I never received an automated call nor a letter stating that Devcon has merged with ADT. If I do receive an accelerated bill I will tell ADT and Better Business Bureau and escalate it to anyone I can because what Devcon is doing is unethical. Charging customers that are not being serviced is stealing and its unethical. the email response received was: RE: Account 14528798 This email is being sent in regards to your recent request for alarm monitoring cancellation. It has come to my attention that you have moved to a new residence? Please know that Devcon Security will work with you to provide a smooth account transition. It is our desire to provide you with continued protection and peace of mind at your new residence. However, if you are no longer interested in receiving monitoring protection of any kind, please reply to this email with confirmation of your desire to cancel and I will have the final invoice sent to you. Once the final balance of contract fee is paid we will cancel the account completely and you will no longer be financially or contractually obligated to Devcon Security, now ADT Security Services. If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me directly. I sent this email below in reference to the above: I have moved to my new residence since March 2014. I contacted Devcon to request them to move the services to my new residencce. This is what was discussed with the sales person I spoke with in October 2013 when I initially contracted with Devcon. They said it could be done. So going back to the March 2014, I spoke with a Devcon representative to cancel the services in 5004 Kepfer Way – my previous residence and move it to 5909 Zaki Lane Apollo Beach my new residence. It was never mentioned that ADT merged with Devcon until I saw a representative from ADT at my doorstep. When I asked them what are they doing here, they mentioned Devcon is with ADT now. After going over details about the service, they mentioned it was 500.00 for initial and 169 going forward for service. I let them know I have service with Devcon and that I should not be charged this amount of money. I have contract with Devcon for 2 years. They said that former agreement will not be aknowledged and that I would have to cancel with Devcon to open my account with ADT if I do not want to pay double fees. Since March of 2014, I have not been living at 5004 Kepfer Way residence, Devcon has charged me even though I canceled the account at Kepfer Way Residence for 5 months now. I am not being serviced. Its not good business nor is it ethical to have your clients paying money for a service that is not being rendered. Nor can be transferred. I can not be in breach of contract with you. I do not owe Devcon final fees. The company does not service Apollo Beach. ADT does. If I contract ADT, the fees will be 169 a month not 42.79 per 2 year contract with Devcon. I repeat, how can I be liable for the final balance a contract that can not be honored? Because the company is unable to offer me the monitoring protection per contract initially executed October 2013 why should I be financially or contractually obligated to Devcon Security, now ADT Security Services final fees? I agreed to pay 42.79 not 169. I sent my request to all the emails addresses that have sent emails to my account. This is the response I received: Tony Roberts no longer works for Devcon Security or ADT Security. No need to include him on the email chain. As for the other Devcon email address you used, it goes to the call center agents and is primarily used for asking alarm account questions. It is not usually seen by anyone other than customer service agents. However, if you tell me who else you would like to contact I would be happy to point you in the right direction. Please know that I am responsible for all issues of this nature and will receive your email in the end. I would like you to know that this is not the first time we have had this question or concern come up. I am happy to explain the contract situation for you and hopefully we can reach an acceptable resolution. Please allow me to gather some additional information and send it to you for review. I expect to have all of the information I need and be able to contact you again later this evening or tomorrow at the latest. I am hopeful we can come to a mutually acceptable resolution at the conclusion of our conversation. I sent this response: I just want to cancel the service that is it. This was my original request from the time I reached out. When I called and spoke with the cancellation dept and when I sent the first email and the email in the response to your email. Please stop debiting my account for 42.79. A service I initially signed up for that I am not receiving. The only email you should be sending me at this point and time is to let me know that you are canceling my account. the fee of 42.79 will no longer be charged to the account. Because Devcon can not service the Apollo Beach area, thus I will not be financially or contractually obligated to pay final fees. Once this account is closed. I can open one with ADT ( as per them because they will not honor the contract I have with you) the company you merged with. Conclusion At this point I want the company to cease from debiting my account. They want me to pay final fees for a 2 year contract that they are unable to honor. I can understand if I was leaving to go to another company. But it is infact their parent company who has told me they are not honoring Devcon’s 2 year contract with me. I need to cancel it with Devcon and open one with ADT if I dont want to pay double fees.

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