Devine Destinations Titus Alabama Review


My husband and I got approached by two individuals who asked us to participate in a program that was to help promote St. Thomas. Although they did not specifically state that they were employed by the USVI Travel & Tourism or Charlotte Amalie (where this occurred), the two individuals made it sound as if that was what they were doing. They indicated that we could win a $300 visa card to use only in the USVI, or other prizes to include a free 7 night vacation. They presented two scratch off cards. My husband’s card indicated he had won some flipflop charm, which we later learned was pretty much worthless. My card indicated that I had won either of several larger prizes, to include the $300 visa, or the free 7 night trip. They then asked us to follow them to an office to claim our prize, and we then learned we would have to sit through a 1 hour presentation, which turned out to be time-share. I did not want to sit through the presentation as I was unwilling to lose any more of my vacation. However, we were in the office, and already in it that far and decided to just finish it out to get our prizes and leave. We repeatedly advised the man giving the presentation that we were not interested, and that time-share programs he was selling was not our kind of travel preference. He finally cut us loose, and my husband was presented with his worthless charm, and I won the “certificate”” for the “”free”” 7 night vacation. This all occurred on August 15

2013. After our vacation was over

I looked over the certificate

and quickly realized that 1) the vacation is not a “”free”” 7 night vacation. To redeem you have to pay a $15.95 fee to redeem the certificate. Still

that wouldn’t have been so bad

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