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Hello I would like to say that Iu2019m a current student at DeVry in Memphis, TN, Iu2019m a senior and Iu2019ve been most pleased with the progress that Iu2019ve made since I enrolled back in July 2010. The staff members were very helpful and keep me updated on my schedule, and any events that were beneficial to help with my education. I was able to speak with a counselor when needed to ask questions, or even when I had concerns that needed to be addressed. At this time, I donu2019t feel that same treatment with the staff thatu2019s in place at this present time. I also feel that my education is very important but the pricing is constantly increasing, I no longer have a job, I was recently laid off on the 30th of August 2013. We have no way of receiving any scholarships through the school if they are announced close to the deadline. I feel that since Iu2019ve had the opportunity to continue to be on the Deanu2019s list from 2010 to present I should be able to receive some type of scholarship or assistance to continue helping me pursue my education as a under-graduate. I feel that Iu2019m not being fairly treated towards being a student at DeVry and at this time. I know that this is a private school and there are guidelines but there are new rules that are in place that comply with helping students. My last concern is after speaking with a representative in the financial aid department she informed me that since I received a large credit that I should be able to pay the balance of $392.00, I advised the rep thatu2019s totally unacceptable. Iu2019m not comfortable with the fact that I will be cut off from class if I donu2019t make the payment in full or in two installments, asked if I could make arrangements I was informed that I could not due to my large credit amount disbursement. If a fuss about $392 hinders me to continue my education then I think that Iu2019m at the wrong school. I would very much like to settle my debt thatu2019s due but I canu2019t afford to make two installment payments I can make $40 a month until paid off. If I get a job I can pay the entire amount off. Please inform me if this concern can be handled in a timely manner before 30 days is out, I would very much appreciate the effort if someone can contact me in a timely manner

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