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Complaint: Needed a higher standing in search results of my multi-location business on the web in a specific area, so Verizon representative David Santor offered their services saying they could help. I specifically told him I just wanted to try it out for 4-6 months, he said if I did six months and was not seeing results I could step away no questions asked. I agreed to do six months, and they made a decent new website with the city I was targeting in the web domain name. After three months I noticed their website beating my website in the original location in a different city which was number one at the time (so it worked but wrong place!). I called and emailed him to get it fixed somehow but no help or response. I called their general help number and got one of the worst run-arounds I’ve ever had. No one seemed to have any answer or be able to help. David Santor mysteriously disappeared! So did the next person named Kyle Nelson! No one was there, how did they stay in business!? Then someone said it was Supermedia, no wait, its Dex media, no wait, maybe Alice in Wonderland! Supermedia and Dex media had no answers and no help either, and to be honest I think they are all one and the same and just pass you off. It just don’t matter as I figured out later it is one big scam and run-around. After trying for three months to get it fixed and no one being able to help or give me a person who could, I waited for my sixth month and emailed and called telling them to cancel. Of course they billed me again and I took their emails to my bank proving a complete lack of contract and my bank stopped payment. Amazingly someone called me immediately!! Wow. Norma Robertson hounded me until I finally talked with her and I explained my displeasure with their poor customer service and the error they made and did not attempt to fix. She promised someone would contact me about it and I agreed to stay with them throughout the year at a reduced rate. Fair enough, BUT, no one ever contacted me! But I did get a phone call from another “Dave”” who did not want to give his last name and he wanted me to purchase more services. I asked him if he could fix the website

Tags: Internet Services

Address: no

Website: they will try and bill me again in January and when I remove that they will call

Phone: well maybe someone can contact me. Nope. So December would have been the last month of their imaginary contract and what happens on 30 December? They bill me a full payment in addition to the agreed sum

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